Autolyse Bakery is located in Braddon and serves fresh bread, pastries and sandwiches and is open for breakfast and lunch. 

Walking around Braddon one sunny Saturday morning, it was hard not to notice the growing number of restaurants and cafes that continue to open in the area. But today I chose an old favourite – Autolyse Bakery.

Autolyse Bakery is a French bakery that has resided on Lonsdale street for some years now. Even with all the new eateries opening nearby, the bakery continues to attract a healthy flow of customers, which is great to see. While some come to get their bread and coffee, the bakery is generally full.

Walking into the nice warm cafè I was immediately hit with the divine smell of freshly baked bread. I later discovered the source – the back wall of the huge open kitchen is lined with four super duper, large ovens.

There are no printed menus – the breakfast items are written on a large mirror behind the counter. There’s a second menu written on the tiled wall at the kitchen entrance and this one’s my favourite. The items on this menu are available all day and offers twice baked cheese souffle, bruschetta, and a variety of salads and sandwiches.

You order and pay at the counter.

Taking a table near the open kitchen, for a good few minutes I sat watching the the bakers and chef’s do their thing (is that creepy?). I was particularly interested in seeing the chocolate eclairs come together. The choux pastry was out of the oven, all nice and golden, and the pastry chef was in the process of filling them with cream custard. I’m sure they soon made their way to the glass display at the front counter,

By this time my coffee arrived and I focused on the frothy goodness placed in front of me. Autolyse uses ONA coffee beans and that gets a big tick!

Frothy goodness - ONA coffee

Frothy goodness – ONA coffee

For breakfast I chose the baked egg white ricotta omelette with tomato and mushroom ($16.90). I’d only ever had fried omelette before and was interested in trying out the baked kind. The baked egg white ricotta omelette was served in a small red baking dish, topped with grilled slices of tomato and garlic mushrooms. Of course, a slice of sourdough is included.

Baked egg white ricotta omelette

Baked egg white ricotta omelette

The top of the omelette was crusty (it may have gone under the grill before being served) and the insider was nice and fluffy. On it’s own, the dish was nice, and maybe a little bit dull. However, when the tomato and garlic mushrooms are added, the flavour hit the roof! As a package, the dish was flavourful without being overpowering. I liked it a lot.

L went for the roasted red peppers stuffed with herbed goats cheese, anchovies and rocket salad ($18.00 approx.). There was a lot of rocket that came with this dish along with a large cob loaf. I tried some of it and found it refreshing. The goats cheese was lovely and cold and was perfect for a warm morning. The taste of the anchovies was mild – just as I like it! L made himself a large sandwich and devoured the whole thing that way.

Stuffed red peppers with herbed goats cheese and anchovies

Stuffed red peppers with herbed goats cheese and anchovies

Before I left, I grabbed myself a corned beef sandwich for my bus ride to Sydney. It was perfect for the long journey, with capers, pickles, mayo and lettuce.

I enjoy the food at Autolyse Bakery and expect that I will continue visiting. The food is good and priced reasonably and the smell of freshly baked bread will continue to draw me back.

Autolyse Bakery: 4 stars

Opening hours: 7am – 5pm, 7 days a week

Address: 5/21 Lonsdale St. Braddon, Canberra

Website: Autolyse Bakery 

What’s your favourite breakfast, brunch or lunch cafè?

Or do you prefer eating at home?

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