A news article has recently been making the rounds on my Facebook page. It tells the story of a tea shop owner and his wife, Vijayan and Mohana, from India who have travelled to over 16 countries together. Switzerland, France, UAE, Israel, Britain – the list goes on. What’s interesting about their story is that as tea stall owners the couple aren’t well off – they certainly don’t make the kind of money that many people assume is needed to travel the world.

Vijayan and Mohana have found a way to feed their passion, to make their travel dreams come true. They take out a loan, travel to their dream destination and spend the next three years paying off their debt. Then they do it all over again. A perfect example that you can dream big with limited resources.

Taking risks - Mohana and Vijayan

Mohana and Vijayan. Pic courtesy: thenewsminute.com

However, their story isn’t unique in any way. At any given moment there are backpackers happily trotting around the globe on minimal funds; business owners celebrating a good week or month because they’ve finally broken even; artists pursuing their dreams tirelessly. The driving force in most of these instances isn’t money. It isn’t even about passion, because we all have passion for something. It’s about accepting the risk of following your dreams and finding a way to make it happen. It’s about tuning out the naysayers, especially the voice in your own head. It’s about acknowledging your journey will be different from all the others – perhaps success will come easy or it might be more difficult. Maybe your journey will be a slow one or you might find you’re pinching yourself to make sure all the things you’ve achieved aren’t just a dream.

But none of this will happen without taking the first step, that first big leap with both eyes open.And that first step will always take the most courage. But it can be done. Because it’s been done before and it will be done again. All that matters is whether you want to go along for the ride.


The first leap is always the hardest. Pic courtesy: aclipart.com

The first leap is always the scariest. Pic courtesy: aclipart.com

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