So this is it, the day has finally arrived! 

Four weeks ago I arrived at work with a very important letter nestled in my bag. This letter marked the beginning of the end. I was nervous, and I won’t deny that I spent the entire day second guessing my decision. Was it too early? Should I wait couple more weeks? I could still back out. But deep down, I knew the time had come to jump.

And jump I did! I handed in my notice at work.

For the first time I will be leaving a job without having another already lined up. I won’t lie, leading up to this day I constantly worried about the timing of my decision. Work wasn’t so bad after all so was I jumping the gun? At the same time, I knew I wanted more. So much more.


I quit my job today

I quit my job TODAY!

And just like that its four weeks later and I’m enjoying my last day at work. The nerves have been replaced with excitement and I can’t wipe this silly smile off my face 🙂 I’m sure some people think I’m going crazy. There’s a spring in my step and I feel so alive!

I know this is just temporary. That in a few months there’s a good chance that it will be back to grind. But for now, I plan on enjoying this moment! And all the moments to come.

I’m looking forward to weekday brunches and being outdoors in the sun. I’m looking forward to coffee and cake at Flute Bakery. Or Silo . Heck, I might even get drunk on a weekday before noon! And I’m certainly looking forward to paying more attention to my blog.

But there is more to this than just my excitement at the prospect of bumming around indefinitely. This, right here, marks the beginning of a new and exciting life for us. The last four years have been consumed with work, study and personal BS, with 2014 being exceptionally difficult. Soon, we’ll finally get to enjoy freedom from the more mundane aspects of our lives. I’m so ready to shed the routine. I’m so ready to be carefree!

Step one in our journey will be ridding our little apartment (and ourselves) of all the junk we’ve accumulated over the years. I won’t stop until all we’re left with fits into our backpacks. There will also be some planning for what we’ll do over the next few months, but mostly we’ll make decisions on the go. And I can’t wait to spend some quality time with Mr L.

Then we’ll leave Canberra – my home for the last six years, and Mr L’s hometown. We’ll visit our families scattered around the country. We’ll the see a bit more of this amazing country we live in (I’m really hoping I make it up to Cairns again). After that, we’ll begin our winding journey through Asia on our way to our new home, and our new lives….in another country!

So I’ll sign off with this….

Taking a big step



Have you taken the plunge and made a life changing decision? 

How did things work out?

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